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Name of the institution:II. Rákóczi Ferenc Hungarian - English Bilingual Baptist Primary School and Elementary Art School

OM number: 031051

Residences: Middle School 15. Úttörő street Téglás, 4243 Fax./tel.: 52/384-410, 52/384-315; 52/582-313 ,

Junior Section: 2-8. Fényes street Téglás, 4243 Tel.: 52/384-417

Year of Foundation: 1948.

Inspectoral Authority: Representative-council of Téglás

Maintainer: Hungarian Baptist Aid

Independent legal entity, its director is the headmistress, who is appointed by therepresentative-council of Town of Téglás. The institution operates on the evidence of organizational and operational statutes, that is accepted by the teaching staff, and that is validated by the approval of the local government's representative-council.

Type: General-purpose Institution, public management institution of public education

Numbers of Years: 8 primary school years

Elementary Art Educational Section (subjects):      Art of Music (piano, violin, flute, guitar)

Art of Dance (ballet, folk dance, modern-contemporary dance)

Fine Arts (graphic) Dramatic Art and Art of Marionette

Admissible maximum number of students: 800 people

Basic Work:

Elementary education-training

Primary school education-training

Primary school education of educationally subnormal students in morning-class

Meals for children and employee,

Other, unmentioned education (day-care schoolroom, pedagogical staff corps. speech therapy service, organizing courses, operating amateur artistic group)

Talent Management Workshop for English as a Foreign Language [Language Study Circles in English]

In our institution we organized a talent workshop for the students who are very gifted with the English language, and we are continuing to develop their skills and abilities. The students participating in the talent workshop are in 7th and 8th grade, and they receive practice in two extra lessons per week.

The aim of the talent workshop is to develop students’ strengths while challenging their weaknesses. We create a motivating atmosphere which encourages the students to feel comfortable developing their own talent area.

•             Exam preparation: Junior language exam (A1, A2+) at the end of the 7th grade, complex basic language exam (B1-B2) at the end of the 8th grade.

We are dedicated to help the talented students attain the highest levels of the Common European Framework. We teach them to understand facts, express their thoughts and emotions verbally and to express opinions in writing and in oral communication as well.

Communication in foreign languages also requires special skills such as mediation, and it demands understanding and appreciating other cultures. Our goal is for the interested and motivated students to achieve the level of independent language user by the end of 8th grade year (CEF B1-B2).

•             Preparations for linguistic or language competitions:

The workshop aims to intensify curriculum for talented students, both individually and in small groups. We prepare them for a variety of language, linguistic and cultural competitions. We place high priority on developing the communication skills, oratorical skills, (eg. preparations for recitation competitions) creativity, ingenuity, or even the improvement of preparations of IT presentations. We prepare them for reading competitions by developing reading comprehension with simplified reading materials, newspaper articles, news, or informative articles appropriate for this age group. We develop listening comprehension using authentic audio, lyric and video materials.

However, the main goal of the talent workshop is the development of conversational skills. In foreign language teaching an excellent tool for communication is the roleplay, since it enables students to use everyday English in everyday situations.  

[I would delete the previous paragraph. I don’t think role-playing is the most important technique, and several other techniques are listed above. I think these last two sentences are unnecessary.]

•             E-twinning club

The e- Twinning club sessions encourage students to use their language skills to transfer information. Besides improving foreign language skills the main aim of this session is learning about the cultures of different countries, as well as the awareness of the culture of our country. The club sessions make students even more motivated to make use of their foreign language skills, because the language in this situation is really the tool of communication that is used to get to know each other.  

Talent Management Workshop in Graphics [Art and Design Seminars]

We consider it important that students develop their personalities through the fine arts. Our main task is to develop imagination, self-expression, emotional intelligence and creativity and even team building. Our students experience the joy of creation individually and through collective work as well.

A high-spirited, creative atmosphere enables our students to take part in regional, national and international competitions regularly and successfully, in nearby Poland and as far away as Japan! In order to promote further vocational education we have been in cooperation with several secondary art schools for years. We have a close relationship with an art school in Satu Mare, Romania. We regularly organize exhibitions together, either in our town or in Satu Mare.

Our school gallery displays works of our students, of partner schools’ students, and even works of former students. At the end of the school year we present our creations to the community in the local library. We regularly visit exhibitions displayed in the library as well.

We successfully prepare our students for professional entrance examinations. We monitor the further specific activities of our former students, providing them opportunity to show their works and give them facilities for further introduction. We prepare our sixth-grade students for a successful basic art examination.

Every school year we hold open sessions for those interested in the everyday operation of our workshop. Please visit the school website where the works of our students are displayed. We regularly update the results of the competitions and information about our programs.


Talent management workshop for transport culture called „Pindur Pandur”  

[“Junior Officer” Traffic Safety Seminars]

This workshop is dedicated to teaching high-quality transport culture [traffic safety?]. We maintain a close relationship with the “Pindur Pandur” program of the local kindergarten. Children enrolled this workshop are more skillful than the average, and they are more interested in the topic. A significant number of pre-school age children have already dealt with this issue [I would delete the previous two sentences]. Our aim is to develop abilities and skills which prepare young learners for self-pedestrian traffic, for being passengers in traffic environment and for cycling. Children should be able to use the rules in practice.

Of course, our most important aim is the overall development of general intellectual abilities, because without them no special skills will develop properly. It is important to develop creative thinking and problem solving ability. We must strive to develop physical dexterity, coordination, speed and sense of balance. Our main objective is that the children should follow the traffic rules; they shouldn’t cause personal injury, nor should they be victims of traffic accidents. 

In our program a project-day is included, as well as the preparations of regional and national competitions.